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In Our Fast Seats, Invisible

17.12.2022 - 08.01.2023

The painting meanders up and down like a ribbon. Covering different parts of the wall and the floors, it creates a full loop around the space. In his recent works, Malte Stiehl is concerned with the way he takes in the characteristics of a place through the movements of the eyes. Which are the details that demand attention, how does the focus move from one point to another, and where are you allowed to look? In „Our Fast Seats, Invisible“, on display at Gallery Toll, is based on drawings he took on his daily commute in Hamburg. It explores the subway train as a place in between places and as a specific social situation with its own manners and rules of conduct.

Malte Stiehl’s uses light, color and perspective to investigate how we relate our unstable knowledge of the world to our immediate experience. After studying Fine Arts in Bremen and Chicago, he now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Malte Stiehl is also the co-curator of Galerie Feiertag in Kassel, Germany.

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