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Cloth & Vases

28.05 - 21.08.2022


Cloth & Vases

Recurring themes in the work of Anne-Louise Knudsen include the state of mind, exploring and referencing memories in terms of narrative and materials. Her practice involves a mixture of sculptural work and installation.

The project for Galleri Toll is a study into her affinity for textiles and fascination of vases, presented as a dialogue between the two.

She has created a series of semi lifelike and abstract plaster interpretations of vases. Traditionally, the vase function as a container of flowers, things and memories. However, metaphorically it is also a symbol of nourishment, health, abundance and wisdom.

Textiles serve the everyday needs of people and associated meanings can relate to different societies, ethnicity, class, status and the (invisible) memories passed down via the wear and tear of the cloth.

Anne-Louise Knudsen is a Copenhagen based artist, she holds an MA from Central Saint Martins, London, UK and a teaching qualification in Visual Arts Education, UCC, Copenhagen, DK. She exhibits in Denmark and abroad. Simultaneously with her art practice she runs the independent art initiative Ta•da in a local laundromat in Copenhagen, DK.

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