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29.10 - 21.11.2021


Madeleine Hertz’s work revolves around spatial examinations of the places we inhabit connected to structural ideas of certain environments interpreted through architectural conceptualizations such as form and function.

These scrutinizations take place primarily through the usage of sculptural and installation-based interventions, in which Hertz utilizes abstraction and repetition to play with preconceived notions concerning the perception of our surroundings. The places she works with encompass the public environment, as well as the institutions, in which we reside; as she aims to challenge ideas of time and space, inside and outside, private and public, functionality alongside aesthetics, and how our considerations of these places comprise an integral piece of ourselves as collective individuals.

Through the application of light, LIGHTBOX aims to distort this specific area of the metro station by altering the perspective of a window display and its designated purpose.


Madeleine Hertz (b.1990) holds an MA in Fine Arts from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, and a BFA from Valand Academy.

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