Swimsuit Edition 2.0

17.01. - 16.02.2020

Swimsuit Edition 2.0 is a narrative exhibition, taking place in a fictional swimming pool changing room as the girls prep and preen themselves for the awaiting male gaze in the pool.Telling a story that is darkly humorous and tinged with tragedy. Using familiar images and logos to lure us into the world, a world that coexists as two binaries at once – the female form and the shapeless, cute and ugly, utopia and dystopia. These characters are performing an idea of femininity for the benefit of everyone but themselves. They are captured at the point of their transformation; they are backstage, preparing for their performance. Looking in we become voyeurs intruding on this private, bordering on secret ritual. We are forced to confront our intrusion - either disrupting the transformation or becoming part of it.