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Context-sensitive actions (Leisure time in Hyrule field)

20.06. - 13.07.2020


The landscape is a scene. You can’t interact with the elements in the painting, they are only there to visually guide you.

The eye is a switch that can be turned on if you hit it with an arrow. Equip your bow, then aim and shoot.

Pick up the stone by pressing A, then throw it or put it down by pressing A one more time.

Press A to pick up the plant or press B to smash it with your sword. You can’t put it down on the ground again once you’ve picked it up. Throw it by pressing A.

Press A to climb the ivy plant in order to reach areas high up. You can’t pick it up or break it with your sword.

Inside the pot various precious items are hidden. Press A to pick it up, throw it or to put it down. You can also choose to smash it with your sword by pressing B.

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